My Weight Loss Journey

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My journey started in March 14, 2012. I had finally reached my point where enough was enough! Even with the doctor telling me 7 months prior that I was at risk for stroke with my blood pressure being so high, that still wasn’t enough to pull me away from the fast food and laziness. My turning point: It was when I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize my own self anymore. I’ve always been a little on the heavy side but I’d reached my highest weight of 228 pounds standing at 5’4″ tall. I asked myself if I was going to do something about it at 230 lbs… Or maybe at 250 lbs?

I had a heart to heart with my boyfriend and my family. I told them that I was serious this time and was determined to lose the weight. I needed them to support me by not eating unhealthy stuff around me, because that would only tempt me to give in. Enough was enough!

I started looking at Google and YouTube for different ways to get healthy and lose weight. I decided to cut out all sweets, alcohol, fried food, fast food, sodas (all that crap). For 3 months, I stuck strictly to green leafy veggies, lean white meats, a little fruit, a little dairy and a ton of water. The weight was falling off with minimum exercise (walking, maybe 30 minutes a day). Also, I had absolutely no cheats during this time. Shocking my body into submission is what I did and by late June 2012 I’d lost about 45 pounds.

I slowly added in other healthy food options, like brown rice, starchy veggies and other grains. Of course, I hit a plateau at about 180 pounds. That’s when I started exercising for about 2 hours a day, 5-6 days a week and 1.5 hours of it was cardio. The rest would be strength training. Again, I shocked my body and the weight started coming off. I lost the majority of my weight, about 65-70 lbs, in about 9-10months.

At month 10, I did what most people do. I thought I had “made it”! So. I reverted back to some old unhealthy lazy habits and the weight came back quick… about 15 pounds in a month! I then realized that it was about so much more than a fad or having a deadline to lose this weight. It had to be my new lifestyle. I went back to the basics and started eating healthier with 5-6 days of exercise.

I’m now comfortable in my own skin, I have finally created the body I want and at 34 years old I am in the best shape of my life. I actually invested in turning my small home office into my gym but I still keep a gym membership as a backup. I mainly do mixtures of HIIT, cardio and bodyweight exercises. My career as a U.S. Regional Training Manager for the railroad keeps me on the go constantly and for long periods of time. I have adjusted my “away from home living” to mimic my “at home living”. That includes proper diet and proper exercise. I share what I eat and my daily exercises via Instagram: @justrobbin

My weight now falls between 140-142lbs, I have been off blood pressure meds for well over 2 years, I still monitor it though. Doing this the hard way makes me appreciate my hard work and I’ll work just as hard to stay healthy. I’ve kept the weight off now for almost 3 years and I’m now focusing on keeping it all toned up. Some days are easier than others but every day is worth it! Keep fighting you are so worth it!

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