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Monthly Detoxing

Screenshot_2017-04-15-12-10-51-1.pngAs most of you know I have been detoxing 3 days once a month for almost 3 years now. So this will describe in detail which one I use how and FAQ’s, please feel free to ask any questions below.

The detox I am using and loving is Squeezed Online 3 or 5 day spicy squeeze w/cashew milk blend detox (promo code ROBBIN15 saves you 15% off). My email for referral is I prefer “spicy squeezed with cashew milk” for a few reasons, the cashew milk is needed if you plan to still workout during your detox which I do. Also spicy foods and/or drinks will not only help to speed your metabolism naturally but it also helps to consume more water during the detox. Consuming a gallon of water during the detox is harder because you are constantly drinking all day so the spiciness helps… they are not overly spicy. I really enjoy them all and I’m not a fan of beets and even those are actually really yummy! I have ordered a la carte before as well which is essentially the same price but I was able to pick my favorite flavors(more of the spicy ones:-)).  Again I don’t always order a la carte but some months I want that more spicy in my detox so I will choose to order it by bottle.  TO SEE MY EXACT A LA CARTE ORDER SCROLL TO THE VERY BOTTOM

A lot of people ask why do I still detox even though I’m no longer in my weight loss phase. Detoxing from the start has never been about weight loss for me. When I first started I need to break up with overeating, even though I was eating healthy foods by this time, overeating, healthy or unhealthy is never good. So this has allowed me to not only break bad habits but the health benefits are great! But along the way once I realized I could drop the weight so easily and look less bloated, I would (and still do) schedule my monthly or an extra detox before a vacay or after… or really for any event I want to shed a few for. The best part about this detox is you can pick your own delivery date so you can start when you are ready.


*Do you eat anything while detoxing?   –   No, you just consume the 6 juices daily. I still take my normal VitaFusion women’s multivitamin, Cellucor cla and Cellucor fish oil. I do not take preworkout during my detox, (that’s just a personal choice.) If I want something to “chew” on I sometimes eat shaved or crushed ice.

*Do you lose weight after the detox?   –   Absolutely! I always drop between 5-10lbs. Its not permanent weight loss but when I go back to eating and check my weight prior to the next one I have usually keep off 3-5 of those lost pounds. I am not trying to lose more weight but in the summer months I do try to drop about 10-12 pounds so I do my best to keep it off during those months. During the winter months I try to maintain my weight so after detoxing I generally try to put back on the weight loss because I prefer the curvy look of 144-147 for my frame.

*Do you still consume a gallon of water each day? I try but my goal during detoxing is 85-90oz.

*Do I still do my normal workouts?   –  Yes, but I have been doing detoxing for years at first i was only able to workout once during my detox time. Always listen to your own body. If you are to fatigued just walk or rest. The cashew milk blend should be consumed after your workout because of the protein levels.

*Do you have to use the bathroom a lot?   –   This question is asked so much and most say “not to be nasty or ask TMI, but do you have watery poops” lol! I find it funny because before starting I though it might do that. But it has never gave me “runs”. It does however give me solid bowel movements 1-3 times a day but its never something that is an urgency to run to the bathroom for just a solid movement :-).

*Are you hungry during the detox?   –   Not really. When I first started I was never really hungry I mainly just wanted to eat because its a normal thing to chew. So that was the only thing I faced, but as far as starving or hunger pains, I’ve never experienced them.

Once I finish the detox I go back to healthy eating, although I do try to watch my sodium levels the next 3 days after the detox is over and still consume my gallon of water. After that I get right back on my regular healthy foods. You will notice right after the detox that you are hungry but once you eat you will not be as hungry as you thought, listen to that feeling and just eat enough to satisfy you… remember you just cleansed yourself and your body is ready for that fresh start! So definitely don’t overindulge just because you haven’t eaten solid foods.

Really hope that answered all of the questions/concerns! If it something about the company such as prices, flavors, delivery etc basically anything that’s not about my personal experience, feel free to contact them via IG at @squeezedonline or they have awesome customer service! I know you will enjoy this detox just as much as I do!

Happy Detox!

WHEN I’M DOING A 5 DAY DETOX AND I ORDER A LA CARTE THIS IS MY ORDER (please remember this is based on my likes and dislikes of certain fruits and/or veggies… you can always pick according to your likes and dislikes. The number indicated to the right of the flavor is the quantity I get of that particular flavor over the course of 5 days. Since its 6 bottles a day the total bottle count for 5 days is 30. You might have to adjust according to your amount of detox days.

Super Squeezed 3 (x2)
Super Squeezed 12 (x3)
Spicy Squeezed 1 (x5)
Spicy Squeezed 9 (x5)
Sweeter Squeezed 4 (x1)
Sweeter Squeezed 2 (x2)
Sweeter Squeezed 1 (x2)
Cacao Cashew (x2)
Strawberry Cashew (x2)
Cashew (x1)
Simple Squeezed 3 (x5)

The order that I consume them are usually

Super Squeezed
Spicy Squeezed
Sweeter Squeezed
Simple Squeezed
Spicy Squeezed
Cashew Milk

The cashew milk one is at the end of this list but remember that is to consumed after your workout so place that one where it needs to be:-)

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My Supplements

A lot of you have asked about what supplements I take. So here is a quick rundown of which I use and how, also the flavors I prefer. If you’ve been following me on IG (justrobbin) then you know I’ve only taken Cellucor so when the option arose for me to become an affiliate of course I jumped on it because I truly stand behind them as they have taken my journey to another level. Supplements are just that, supplemental you don’t NEED them but they will change the game up for you. There is no such thing as a magic pill but if you do your part in the kitchen and the gym these will change the game up for you! They have so many other products that have great reviews so be sure to check out all that too!

Shopping at you can browse the products according to your needs (shipping is almost always 2-3 days. One thing you can rest assure on is I will never push anything I don’t fully stand behind 100%. Check out their site they go into full details and they even have an area where you can say how you want to transform and show you what products you should be taking… that’s whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass, etc (click on products then click your goals) The short breakdown of what and I how I take mine are below

 C4 Ripped

is a pre-workout supplement that combines the explosive energy (no jitters) with ingredients specific to fat loss. This formula helps you train harder while supporting your body’s ability to burn fat.
I prefer the cherry limeade and fruit punch (never really been a fan of raspberries). I usually take the c4 ripped about 20 minutes before my workout. I don’t use it everyday I just use it when I need that push (maybe 2-3 days a week… I workout 5-6 days a week) although it’s perfectly safe to use every time you work out.

Super HD Weight Loss

I use this during the times Im looking to drop weight whether it be before a trip, event or if have gained a few pounds. The Super HD pills work as well too, I just prefer to sip on mine. My favorite flavor in this is Strawberry Lemonade. It truly works wonders!

Alpha Amino Xtreme

I use this during my workouts, after my workouts or even the next day. Up to 4 scoops a day is max for this and I usually have 2 scoops a day. This helps with muscle recovery/reduces soreness, endurance and promotes lean muscles. Really really love green apple, grape and fruit punch.

Fish Oil

When you constantly push your body to the limit, establishing a strong foundation for overall wellness is critical for performance and progress. Its also great for our healthy joints!  I take one in the morning with breakfast and one with dinner. No fishy after taste


CLA is known for its ability to maintain lean muscles mass while losing fat and toning up. I personally see changes in it with a proper diet mostly in my stomach area. I love it! I started with taking 2 in the morning and after 2 weeks added 2 more at dinner. I take 4 capsules a day. These are a must have! If you do your part these will yield amazing results!

C4 To Go

These are pretty self explanatory! When Im on the go I need these so I can power through my workouts with no excuse. I keep one in my gym bag! There is no mixing its just a grab and go kinda thing.

Whey protein

I use this as a meal replacement sometimes, to curb my sweet tooth, or even after my workouts you can not go wrong with protein too many great benefits. You can even cook with it like protein brownies, protein cupcakes, protein pancakes… there are so many options! My favorite is the chocolate, cookies and cream and cinnamon swirl but they are all really yummy and they sell smaller servings so you can try them out 😊.

I’m not trying to get big and build a ton of muscles and do fitness competitions all I want is lean muscles and a healthy heart, and in order for me to do that I have to have a clean diet, exercise and the correct supplements. Nothing works unless you do your part

My Home Workout Equipment

Hi guys, here is a complete list of the things I have in my home to workout with. These are the links where I purchased mine. I will update this list as I accumulate more items! Any questions you can always email me at or via instagram @justrobbin


Click here to buy:

One of my newest and absolute favorite pieces of equipment! The StrongBoard Balance, this bring my workout to a whole new effective level! If you do purchase one you can receive free shipping using the code (Robbin) at checkout!

110lb bar set (the bar is 30lbs, 2 5lbs, 2 10lbs and 2 25lbs plates)

Click here to buy: Gold’s Gym 110-lb. Olympic Barbell Weight Set



Click here to buy:
TANGRAM Factory Smart Rope PURE – Jump Rope that communicates with your smartphone – Track your jumps, calories burned, workout times – Fitness Tracker

I love jump roping because its such a great full body workout! This rope is like no other though! It actually shows your jump count mid air on a LED display! There is an app (Google Play and Itunes) called Smart Gym that makes this rope a blast challenges with yourself and challenges against others who have Smart Rope! Sooooo many features check out their site for full details or youtube videos!



Click here to buy:TNT Pro Series Exercise Loop Bands: Extra Wide Extra Long-Best Resistance Bands for Legs, Set of 4
As far as loop resistance bands these are beyond my favorite they hardly every slip and the thing I can do with them are endless! My favorite body weight resistance bands and handle resistance bands are listed somewhere below. They all serve their own purpose!



Click here to buy:WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band, Stretch Resistance Band – Mobility Band – Powerlifting Bands – Extra Durable and Top Rated Pull-Up Assist Bands – Works with Any Pullup Station – with eGuide – SINGLE BAND

I bought 2 different sizes of these to gradually work on my assisted pull ups. I bought the purple and the green.



Click here to buy: Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

I really like core work and lately have been working on my pullups both assisted and unassisted. This is perfect in so many ways and really sturdy and pretty reasonably priced.


Click here to buy: Stamina Hyper Bench, Red

Back extensions! Im in love with the Stamina X brand… super sturdy and reasonably priced products.



Click here to buy: Gold’s Gym 50 lb Olympic Plate Set

25lb plate set, these are definitely a must have. Not too heavy not too light and compliment any workout!




The classic pull up bar… this has helped bring my upper body strength to new levels



Click here to buy: Amazing Fitness and Workout Equipment Proform 10 Lb Purse Kettlebell. Contains One 10 Lb Workout Kettlebell. Tones and Sculpts Muscle, Boosts Metabolism and Enhances Strength.

I usually like to travel with this 10lb kettle as its a little more sleek and easy to pack



Click here to buy: CAP Barbell Vinyl Coated Cement Kettlebell

Love these 20lbs kettle bells perfect weight and the handling is comfortable!



Click here to buy:

I was in a rush to purchase my bike so walmart only had Mens bikes on the floor so I got one… but it rides really nice!


Stamina|X Adjustable Height Plyo Box

Click here to buy: Stamina | X Adjustable Height Plyo Box

This plyo box is everything and super sturdy!



Click here to buy: Power Block GF-SPDBLK24 Adjustable SpeedBlock Dumbbell


Gold's Gym Utility Bench

Click here to buy: Gold’s Gym XR 5.9 Weight Bench


Reebok Gravity Trainer

Click here to buy: SPRI Gravity Trainer Pro Bodyweight Suspension System


Everlast 80 lb. Platiunum Heavy Bag, Gloves and Stand Value Bundle

Click here to buy: Everlast Heavy Bag Kit – 80lb Heavy Bag, Heavy Bag Stand, Gloves, Wraps and Hanger


Click here to buy: Gold’s Gym 8 lb Toning Ball


Everlast Weighted Power Gloves

Click here to buy: Everlast EverGel Weighted Grey Wraps


 Valeo 10 lb Adjustable Weights

Click here to buy: Valeo Adjustable Ankle / Wrist Weights


Lebert Equalizer - Pink

Click here to buy: Lebert Fitness Equalizer Parallettes Gymnastic Bars Pull Up Station Push Ups Bars Dip Machine


CAP Barbell 12 lb Medicine Ball

Click here to buy: Cap Barbell Medicine Ball


BOSU Sport Balance Trainer

Click here to buy: BOSU Sport Balance Trainer


Tone Fitness 10lb Kettlebell

Click here to buy: CAP Vinyl Coated Kettlebell


Gold's Gym Extreme 20' Training Rope

Click here to buy: Gold’s Gym Extreme 20′ Training Rope


CAP Barbell Workout Bar

Click here to buy: CAP Barbell Weighted Workout Bar


Gold's Gym 10 lb Standard Plate

Click here to buy: Gold’s Gym 10 lb Standard Plate


Gliding Discs Individual Kit Carpet, 1 Pair

For Carpeted Floors

Click here to buy: Gliding Discs Individual Kit Carpet, 1 Pair

For Hardwood Floors

Click here to buy: Gliding Discs Hardwood


Gold's Gym Power Resistance Tube, Heavy

Click here to buy: Gold’s Gym Power Resistance Tube, Extra Heavy


Per4M Speed Agility Ladder

Click here to buy: PER4M Speed Ladder


Per4M Leg Power Tubes

Click here to buy: PER4M Leg Power Tube


Gold's Gym 65 cm Exercise Stay Ball

Click here to buy: Golds Gym 65 Cm Stay Ball


Ab Coaster PS500 Exercise Machine

Click here to buy: Ab Coaster PS500


Competition Grade Spinning Permanent-Poles Up to 12 ft

Click here to buy: X-Pole Starter Package (X-Pert 45mm Chrome Spinning/Static Portable Dance Pole + 2oz Dry Hands + Instructional DVD)


Gold's Gym Trainer 410 Treadmill

Click here to buy:


Gold's Gym Mini Trampoline

Click here to buy: Gold’s Gym Mini Trampoline With Durable Steel Frame Black