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Monthly Detoxing

Screenshot_2017-04-15-12-10-51-1.pngAs most of you know I have been detoxing 3 days once a month for almost 3 years now. So this will describe in detail which one I use how and FAQ’s, please feel free to ask any questions below.

The detox I am using and loving is Squeezed Online 3 or 5 day spicy squeeze w/cashew milk blend detox (promo code ROBBIN15 saves you 15% off). My email for referral is I prefer “spicy squeezed with cashew milk” for a few reasons, the cashew milk is needed if you plan to still workout during your detox which I do. Also spicy foods and/or drinks will not only help to speed your metabolism naturally but it also helps to consume more water during the detox. Consuming a gallon of water during the detox is harder because you are constantly drinking all day so the spiciness helps… they are not overly spicy. I really enjoy them all and I’m not a fan of beets and even those are actually really yummy! I have ordered a la carte before as well which is essentially the same price but I was able to pick my favorite flavors(more of the spicy ones:-)).  Again I don’t always order a la carte but some months I want that more spicy in my detox so I will choose to order it by bottle.  TO SEE MY EXACT A LA CARTE ORDER SCROLL TO THE VERY BOTTOM

A lot of people ask why do I still detox even though I’m no longer in my weight loss phase. Detoxing from the start has never been about weight loss for me. When I first started I need to break up with overeating, even though I was eating healthy foods by this time, overeating, healthy or unhealthy is never good. So this has allowed me to not only break bad habits but the health benefits are great! But along the way once I realized I could drop the weight so easily and look less bloated, I would (and still do) schedule my monthly or an extra detox before a vacay or after… or really for any event I want to shed a few for. The best part about this detox is you can pick your own delivery date so you can start when you are ready.


*Do you eat anything while detoxing?   –   No, you just consume the 6 juices daily. I still take my normal VitaFusion women’s multivitamin, Cellucor cla and Cellucor fish oil. I do not take preworkout during my detox, (that’s just a personal choice.) If I want something to “chew” on I sometimes eat shaved or crushed ice.

*Do you lose weight after the detox?   –   Absolutely! I always drop between 5-10lbs. Its not permanent weight loss but when I go back to eating and check my weight prior to the next one I have usually keep off 3-5 of those lost pounds. I am not trying to lose more weight but in the summer months I do try to drop about 10-12 pounds so I do my best to keep it off during those months. During the winter months I try to maintain my weight so after detoxing I generally try to put back on the weight loss because I prefer the curvy look of 144-147 for my frame.

*Do you still consume a gallon of water each day? I try but my goal during detoxing is 85-90oz.

*Do I still do my normal workouts?   –  Yes, but I have been doing detoxing for years at first i was only able to workout once during my detox time. Always listen to your own body. If you are to fatigued just walk or rest. The cashew milk blend should be consumed after your workout because of the protein levels.

*Do you have to use the bathroom a lot?   –   This question is asked so much and most say “not to be nasty or ask TMI, but do you have watery poops” lol! I find it funny because before starting I though it might do that. But it has never gave me “runs”. It does however give me solid bowel movements 1-3 times a day but its never something that is an urgency to run to the bathroom for just a solid movement :-).

*Are you hungry during the detox?   –   Not really. When I first started I was never really hungry I mainly just wanted to eat because its a normal thing to chew. So that was the only thing I faced, but as far as starving or hunger pains, I’ve never experienced them.

Once I finish the detox I go back to healthy eating, although I do try to watch my sodium levels the next 3 days after the detox is over and still consume my gallon of water. After that I get right back on my regular healthy foods. You will notice right after the detox that you are hungry but once you eat you will not be as hungry as you thought, listen to that feeling and just eat enough to satisfy you… remember you just cleansed yourself and your body is ready for that fresh start! So definitely don’t overindulge just because you haven’t eaten solid foods.

Really hope that answered all of the questions/concerns! If it something about the company such as prices, flavors, delivery etc basically anything that’s not about my personal experience, feel free to contact them via IG at @squeezedonline or they have awesome customer service! I know you will enjoy this detox just as much as I do!

Happy Detox!

WHEN I’M DOING A 5 DAY DETOX AND I ORDER A LA CARTE THIS IS MY ORDER (please remember this is based on my likes and dislikes of certain fruits and/or veggies… you can always pick according to your likes and dislikes. The number indicated to the right of the flavor is the quantity I get of that particular flavor over the course of 5 days. Since its 6 bottles a day the total bottle count for 5 days is 30. You might have to adjust according to your amount of detox days.

Super Squeezed 3 (x2)
Super Squeezed 12 (x3)
Spicy Squeezed 1 (x5)
Spicy Squeezed 9 (x5)
Sweeter Squeezed 4 (x1)
Sweeter Squeezed 2 (x2)
Sweeter Squeezed 1 (x2)
Cacao Cashew (x2)
Strawberry Cashew (x2)
Cashew (x1)
Simple Squeezed 3 (x5)

The order that I consume them are usually

Super Squeezed
Spicy Squeezed
Sweeter Squeezed
Simple Squeezed
Spicy Squeezed
Cashew Milk

The cashew milk one is at the end of this list but remember that is to consumed after your workout so place that one where it needs to be:-)

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Now & How I Keep Going


Often asked, “now that the weight is gone whats next” or “how do I stay motivated?”

I spent so many years disrespecting my body that now I owe it to myself and my family to treat it better and make better choices. I will never claim to super strict on my diet but I am pretty much on it 85% of the time. I had extremely high blood pressure and really didn’t care enough to take the meds… So now that I have been med free for a few years I want to keep that going. I just feel better being healthy and if that isn’t motivating enough then I don’t know what is. I didn’t loose this weight and get healthy just to throw that all away with a bunch of bad choices. As they say “when you know better you do better.”

I chose to post workout videos and a few meals here and there to show people its not as hard or as far out of their reach as they think it is. A lot of times we talk ourselves out of things before even giving it a real honest try. Its also great motivation for myself. Posting so much is very time consuming with a already very busy and sometimes hectic schedule… but I always feel if I have helped even just one I’ve done my part. Change only happens when we fully commit and then stay committed even after goals have been met.



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These are the containers I use for my meal preps. Extra durable and easy for me to portion off meats, carbs and veggies!

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I love my motivational water bottles from FunFit. I actually have 3 of these (aqua, pink and purple) and you probably never see me without one! This is the best way to keep my water intake up and stay motivated at the same time! The big mouth allows me to allows infuse my water by adding different fruits for different flavors.

I love running in these.. I actually have 3 pair :-). They run true to size but if you like more of a loose fit order one size up.

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Vibram Fivefingers Seeya Ls – Women’s Black/Grey/Rose 38


Click here to buy: PROMiXX 2.0 – 16000rpm Li-Ion USB Rechargeable Aluminum Vortex Mixer / Shaker Bottle

They also have one that’s a little cheaper without the charging capabilities that uses batteries

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The socks I use during boot camp on the mats… I have several pair but the 2 main ones are listed below.

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Click here to buy: JAM Transit Wireless Headphones (Black) HX-HP420BK

Jam Transit Bluetooth headphones

Love these headphones, perfect for sweaty messes and they don’t hardly ever move. The quality is great too! perfect for me

My newest Polar watch! I am so in love with this model! Everything right at my wrist… I mean everything! No chest strap needed

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Click here to buy: Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor, Blue/Lilac
Polar Fitness FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

I love polar watches I can not tell the difference between the 2 models I have besides I think one (RS300x) is for more of a runner. All I really use them for is to watch my heart rate and watch my calories be burned! If you need a comparison I’m sure one might be on Youtube.


Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor, Black